Note from the COO

Philippe Lapointe, Chief Operating Officer

Philippe Lapointe

Dear team,

Since our inception, our success has been built upon two things: a superior investment strategy and an exceptional team. With a careful capital-preserving approach, we have continued to seek above-average yields predicated on excellence in research. We have always targeted quality US markets with strong growth in both employment and population, and this focus has enabled us to aggregate one of the strongest US multifamily portfolios among our peer set.

This level of achievement, combined with our integrity and unwavering customer service, has earned us a stellar reputation, one of our greatest strengths. By drawing upon our other enduring strengths—in-depth market research, extensive networks, and local “boots on the ground” presence—we continue to deploy our capital in growing geographies where we see the greatest potential for outperformance.

Critical to our continuing success is our commitment to clear, direct communication with our team, our residents, and our unitholders. By broadening our approach and embracing new technology, we have streamlined many of our processes, building in greater accountability and making them much faster and more efficient for both our company and our tenants.

Eschewing a solely top-down approach, we have also increased our efforts to encourage communication from all levels of the company and implement feedback in meaningful ways. As we move forward, we will continue leveraging our digital-first mindset to remain on the cutting edge of technology and maintain our best-in-class resident satisfaction scores.

Ultimately, it is our team who remains at the core of Lantower Residential—and who continues to drive our company’s achievements through their talent and dedication. Motivated by a passion for multifamily real estate, each member prioritizes teamwork and takes pride in delivering outstanding customer service. Our Senior Executive team, having been integral to shaping the direction of the company, also brings an extraordinary mix of industry experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to win in this dynamic and highly competitive environment. As we continue to grow both our teams and our real estate holdings, our focus remains on inclusion and diversity, education, and leadership development at all levels.

Looking forward, I remain confident that Lantower Residential will continue to grow as we stay true to the philosophy that has guided us so successfully since the very beginning—sound, disciplined investing based on excellence in research and a fiduciary obligation to unitholders who have entrusted us with their capital.